The Sidetracked Podcast Episode 430 - Gorgeous Man-Face

Episode 430 Topics Include:
- Another director chewed up and spit out by the Star Wars movie machine
- Another director unfortunately gobbled up by the DC movie machine
- Warner Brothers dreams of Leonardo DiCaprio
- Our first look at Evangeline Lilly's Wasp costume
- Nick Pizzolatto invites Jeremy Saulnier to the True Detective party
- What we've been watching:
     - Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
     - The Wolverine
     - An American Werewolf In London
     - White Heat
     - Cleopatra Jones
     - Rick And Morty
     - It (1990)
- Featured Movie Review: Goldeneye
- Who should play James Bond after Daniel Craig?
- Rian's 75% accurate oral history of the James Bond franchise

Running Time: 1 hour, 55 minutes

Episode Songs:
Goldeneye Theme - Tina Turner
James Bond Theme (Casino Royale) - David Arnold

This Podcast May Include Some Explicit Language

...It Also Most Likely Contains Some Spoilers

Listen to the podcast via streaming audio by clicking HERE

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