The Sidetracked Podcast Episode 432 - Milk It

Episode 432 Topics Include:
- Tempering our expectations for the Netflix Punisher show
- Our first trailer for "Nu" Tomb Raider
- All the latest dirt on Terminator 6
- What does Taika Waititi's post-Thor: Ragnarok future hold?
- The surprise return of John Arcudi's Rumble
- A brief flirtation with the 2017 Emmy Awards
- What We've Been Reading:
     - (Not) Invincible
- What We've Been Watching:
     - Cleopatra Jones And Th Casino Of Gold
     - West Side Story
     - Singin' In The Rain
     - Doctor X
     - The Handmaid's Tale
     - Speed
     - John Wick 2
     - Baywatch
     - Mother!
     - The House
- Featured Television Review: One Mississippi Season 1

Running Time: 2 hours, 20 minutes

Episode Songs:
Late Nights - Nowtro
Surfing The Square Wave - Nowtro

This Podcast May Include Some Explicit Language

...It Also Most Likely Contains Some Spoilers

Listen to the podcast via streaming audio by clicking HERE

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